Slow Beauty at FH

Enduring and design driven products from formulation to packaging made with thoughtfully sourced and timeless materials. Fara Homidi's approach to makeup prioritizes quality and elevated design over quantity, while respecting the environment. Fara Homidi is high performance cosmetics carefully formulated with skin forward ingredients.


Fewer, better products.

FH Commitment to Clean

All Fara Homidi products are always cruelty-free and vegan. “Clean” doesn’t have a regulated definition, however at Fara Homidi, clean means products that favor natural ingredients while incorporating synthetics that are deemed safe. The highly vetted formulas have been custom created with Fara and best-in-class labs to provide the highest quality of efficacy. Each ingredient has been researched extensively and all formulas follow her strict standard that far exceeds the EU list of 1600 banned ingredients.

All formulations are free of:

• Parabens
• PEG’s
• Mineral Oil
• Phthalates
• Sulfates
• Cyclic Silicones
• Formaldehyde
• Squalene
• Talc

For the extended "formulated without" list, click below

FH Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Fara Homidi is dedicated to creating enduring and design driven products from formulation to packaging. The collection is comprised of edited essentials designed to reduce any unnecessary waste through circular packaging and refills, minimizing plastic use wherever possible - using bioplastic, and/or finding plastic alternatives. With a deep commitment to being environmentally and ethically conscious, the brand is committed to steadily improving alongside newly available technology.

Fara custom designed the Essential Compact to be refillable at its inception, combining recyclable metal with bioplastic made from 42% responsibly-sourced tree material. The Essential Refill is made from the same bioplastic to fuse consumerism with environmentalism. The Smudge & Contour Lip Pencils are crafted from FSC certified wood with a recyclable aluminum cap and include a metal sharpener. Likewise, the Lip Brush is made of an FSC certified wood.

All unit boxes and mailer boxes are made with 100% FSC certified paper, while box inserts are made with recycled fibers that are fully recyclable.

The FH Commitment to Giving Back

Fara Homidi has partnered with 1% for the Planet to donate 1% of revenue to the Central Asia Institute (CAI), to fund and develop education in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan, with a particular focus on girls and young women in Afghanistan during this time of exceptional need. For nearly 25 years, CAI has been supporting education in some of the most remote, impoverished, and vulnerable pockets on Earth.

This is a very personal mission for Fara, having experienced similar challenges when her family fled Afghanistan. While it is the people of Central Asia who lift themselves up, like her parents did a generation ago, Fara knows firsthand that organizations on the ground like CAI can bridge the gap between success and failure - that care half a world away can make all the difference.

Learn more about 1% for the Planet.

The FH Commitment to Recycling

Fara Homidi has partnered with Pact Collective to provide end-of-life solutions for its products. Customers can drop off used empties at any of Pact’s over 2,800+ bins across the US and Canada or use Pact’s mail-back program. Pact is a collective of beauty and wellness industry stakeholders that is taking responsibility for the impacts of cosmetic packaging.

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